A day late, but not short.

Sometimes you have to know when to retreat, regroup and let go.

The next thing is moving forward. What doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger. I find this to be so true. So much for writing horror novels. Although I do love a good horror story, and will continue to write them, I know Romance.

The advantages of a good romance novel are: everyone falls in love, sooner or later. So that’s something with which we can all identify. Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day , I know many of my friends celebrated with candy, flowers, wine, and romantic dining experiences.

Sometimes I feel like an old stick in the mud, because I don’t want to eat out on specific holidays, i.e., Mother’s Day or Valentines Day. No reservations? No problem.

Truth be told, I am one of the luckiest women on the planet. My husband brings me flowers for pretty much no reason, throughout the year. He sees flowers, thinks I might like them, and then just brings them home. We often find it’s scary how we think alike.

So yesterday–one of the most romantic days of the year–we stayed in, made dinner together, and  chowed down on delicious chewy brownies with walnuts, while watching TV.

Romantic? It was for us. We enjoy spending time together. Even when we avoid the hype of commercialism. Was the evening totally without surprises? No. I bought him a snickers bar. Happy Valentines Day to the best husband on the planet.

Published by Ane Ryan Walker

Ane recently retired from travels with her personal Romance Hero Husband and settled in Northern Alabama. They're still enjoying adventures, romance, and the great outdoors. She writes about those travels and her new adventures settling in the country, writing, and romance in the age of the pandemic.

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