Yes, it is time.

This week I started submitting a completed, edited, novel to agents. I am actively looking for representation of my manuscript, The Dybbuk Box.

The time has come, I believe to move forward and pursue with vigor the path to publication. I googled a list of Agents , (reputable, I know because I checked) who have an active interest in representing Horror novels.  They state the preference in multiple publications.

I’ve written quite a lot in the past two years about taking a writing career seriously, and now I’m doing that very thing.

I hired a professional editor, to look for story holes. Some were found and corrected. I acquired beta reads from multiple published authors, both those who write paranormal, and those who don’t, but do read horror.

It’s time.

I’ve spent time learning the craft, understanding the drill, and now I know the way forward is submitting the work.

So I built myself a website, opened a Facebook author page and I am officially taking a leap of faith.

Stop by. Maybe I’ll have new ghost stories to tell this fall. And Thanks for following.


Published by Ane Ryan Walker

Ane recently retired from travels with her personal Romance Hero Husband and settled in Northern Alabama. They're still enjoying adventures, romance, and the great outdoors. She writes about those travels and her new adventures settling in the country, writing, and romance in the age of the pandemic.

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