The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.

― Vince Lombardi

I think he knows what he’s talking about. I had the will and I found a way, and YES! I succeeded at NANO! Count me in for the Winner’s Circle!

If you think I’m celebrating too early, you would be wrong!  I know it doesn’t end until the drop dead date of November 30th, but since I make my living at writing and I do write every day, I hit the 50,000 word count early.  But no worries, I’m still right here writing with you. The truth is for professional writers, we are never done. If I had three additional lifetimes I would still not have enough time to execute all my story ideas.

There is nothing like success to make you feel good about your self.  The joy of knowing you made a promise to yourself and you kept it.

The most important thing to remember is that choice, not circumstance, is what determines success. If you’ve stayed at it, if you continue to work hard you will finish, if not the book itself, at least then the 50,000 words.  And that’s a heck of a start in anyone’s estimation.

Hard work and determination should see you through this last week of writing.  I know, I know, sometimes you just think none of this makes any sense at all and why are you still here?  Because you made a commitment to yourself, and if you don’t keep the commitments you make to yourself, how in the world can anyone count on you to keep promises made to them?

You can do it! Just keep writing. Focus your full attention on what you want, (getting the novel first draft done) and head straight for the finish line.

I’ll be there waiting for you, with bells on.