There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.

― Zayn Malik

Some folks call it “writers block”, but not me, I just call it lazy.  I have a very good reason for saying that, too.  I spent a lifetime working the “day job”, and I never had a nursing block. Never.

I went to work and did my best job every day, the way I was supposed to, and things worked out fine.  Did I stamp out disease and cure mankind single-handed? No. But I did my best everyday, and I never once suffered from a “block”.

Writers (this includes artists and creators of all kinds) should never claim they suffer from a block.  It’s just not possible.

Admit the truth, you just don’t want to work today.  Or, you have chosen poorly and don’t have enough story to keep writing. If the first is true, then take a day off.  Many writers write every day, but there is no rule that requires participation on a daily basis.  Most folks work a five-day week and that’s good enough to get the job done.

If the second is true and you don’t have enough story to finish the project, then act like a grownup and stop right now!  You made a mistake, and it happens to everyone, so just either set it aside, or choose another project to make forward progress.

This situation of not having enough story usually comes from a failure to plan, and there isn’t much you can do other than planning ahead, next time.  But even with a story well planned, we sometimes find flaws which we cannot overcome with additional planning and sometimes a break, the chance to step back and reassess, is what is required to move forward.  That is not writers block, it’s just common sense.

And common sense tells us that we just need a opportunity to move on, get back in the flow of the story and move forward, usually by simply turning the page.