Both desire and imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, both have the potential to position a person for greatness.

― Eric Thomas

The unbeatable combination, desire and imagination.  Almost as popular as cheese and pepperoni on a pizza.  These two qualities are what set authors apart from the billions of human beings who espouse the intent to write a book.

Come on, I know you hear it every time you meet someone new and they ask “what do you do”? You know as well as I do that after a few years you want to say ridiculous things like “I am a street sweeper.  Yes,  that is correct.  My mother was a street sweeper, her mother was a street sweeper . . . in fact, I can name street sweepers all the way back to our founding fathers.”

You do this because you know what comes next.  The painful admission on the part of the new person to tell you how they are going to write a book.  Pffft!  Like it’s easy.  Like you can do it in a week.  Really?!?

Or the ever popular, “I have a terrific idea!  Why don’t you write it up and we can share the rewards?”

Seriously?  Those of us who make our living by writing, know how difficult it is to discipline ourselves into writing every day. Even with a brilliant idea, and a true desire to tell our story, we have odds set against us from the outset.

Few make their story so perfect and so notable as to rise from the mythic slush pile to achieve recognition on the busy editors desk.  When we do achieve placement at the top of the pile for whatever reason, we still have the possibility of rejection because even when an editor loves your story it’s still not salable until the distributor says to the publisher, I can sell this story.

So, in truth, writing the story is 5% OF THE PROCESS.

Desire and imagination can take you a long way toward success in a writing career, but it is only the first step. Real success comes when you don’t give up.