For the first time on a very long time, I  don’t believe there is an appropriate quote to accompany  the blog.

I know, really?  I’m stunned too.  If you follow the blog, you know how I love the inspirational quote.

But to day I want to address the difficulty each of us encounters when we begin the road less traveled as I like to think of it.  The road to publication.  Yes, I know you’re wondering why I call it the road less traveled.  There is a good reason.

Most people you meet will tell you they want to write a book.  Many will say they can write a book.  Statistics say less than 5% ever complete  the first manuscript, much less actually pursue publication.

Are you surprised?  I was.  And of course, I had to find out the reason why so many people willing to claim they can do something, simply don’t do it. They must have had trouble with the curve.  This burning need to discover why people don’t pursue their dream is called “research” and is one of the many ways writers procrastinate.  Beware.

Procrastination is high on the list of things that deter aspiring writers.  It’s right up there with, polishing one more time.  “it needs just a little tweak”.

When we begin our journey down the yellow-brick road towards writing the great American novel, we each of us believe we have something important to say, in other words we each have a story to tell. And we do, for each person living and dead is the author of their own story.

We begin our journey as hopeful, enthusiastic individuals until someone, could be anyone, some one who has your best interest in heart,  or not, tells us we are foolish.

“Why do you think you can write a book?”. Probably because you think you have a story to tell, something of value to share with others.  I bet you do.  And the story burns in your soul and pours out of your heart.  This is a story you know others will not only understand but identify with.  This is a story that needs to be told and there is nothing you can do but write it.

Just do it.

Those that suffer from self doubt, fail when they do not pursue their dreams.  Those who let the opinions of others rule their behavior, fail. Those who do not take the time and trouble to learn the craft of writing will never enjoy the satisfaction of a tale well told, and the accomplishment of sharing a life experience with someone who cannot put their story into words on the page.

Self doubt, easily distracted, unable to finish what we start when it becomes difficult, these things are some of the troubles you can have with the curve.

There are a hundred other well disguised excuses for not writing the damn book, but the most important thing for you to remember, you can do it if you learn from your failures and move forward in spite of the difficulty.